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Title: L

Alias's: 竜崎 (Ryuzaki), Hideki Ryuga, Rue Ryuzaki, Eraldo Coil and Deneuve

Ethnicity: a quarter Japanese, a quarter English, a quarter Russian and a quarter French.

D.O.B: 10/31/1982

D.O.D: 11/5/04

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10

Weight: 110 lbs

Relatives: Quilish Watari (Care-Taker)

Residence: Wammys House for the Gifted (Orphanage)
{L stayed in England for five years, and during that time he was the champion in tennis for the England Junior Cup.}

Attended: To-Oh University

Sexuality: Asexual

Personality Traits: Insomniac, Extreme Case of Paranoia, Detachment Towards Everyone, Isolation From Society.

Notable Characteristics: He has several quirks such as preferring to crouch rather than sit, eating only sweet foods like desserts and fruits, and holding items very delicately.

Things L Enjoys:

    • Sweets

    • Cracking Cases

    • Reading

    • Learning About Different Styles of Fighting

    • Living


    • Being Wrong

"The Rest of The File's Contents Are Missing."



He seeks out cases for his own satisfaction

out of personal interest with

no great sense of justice.

He may be seen as slightly evil because of this,

but his selfishness ends in saving lives.

He wears many masks,

could you deduce which one... the real face that hides behind so many masks?


    OOC Note://

((Hello ! This is my first Death Note account but certainly not my first RP account on DA! I hope to get others to RP with other DN accounts. I do cross overs, but I do not do crack RPs, unless we are close friends. My shippings list is up, so you can look to those, I don't mind to RP lit or script, please no Mary Sues or Gary Stues. I do RP with OCs of mostly any fandom, or even just a OC. Aside from that I don't really have any other rules, I have a RP starter up so go ahead and just click on it and respond! ^^ I'm new to RPing L so I hopefully will get better as time goes on. Thank you for reading this.






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But that's the wonderful thing about this world.

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✍ Death Note Summary ✍
((Spoilers Below!))

    Light Yagami is an extremely intelligent young man who resents the crime and corruption in the world. His life undergoes a drastic change when he discovers a mysterious notebook, known as the "Death Note", lying on the ground. The Death Note's instructions claim that if a human's name is written within it, that person shall die. Light is initially skeptical of the notebook's authenticity, but after experimenting with it, Light realizes that the Death Note is real. After meeting with the previous owner of the Death Note, a shinigami named Ryuk, Light seeks to become "the God of the New World" by passing his keen judgment on those he deems to be evil or who get in his way. A shinigami's Death Note is a notebook that can kill any human whose name is written in it. All Death Notes are governed by the same set of rules determining the extents and limitations of the Notes' powers.

    Soon, the number of inexplicable deaths of reported criminals catches the attention of the International Police Organization and a mysterious detective known only as "L". L quickly learns that the serial killer, dubbed by the public as "Kira"?,is located in Japan. L also concludes that Kira can kill people without laying a finger on them. Light realizes that L will be his greatest nemesis, and a game of psychological cat and mouse between the two begins.

    After several murders, Misa Amane, a possessor of another Death Note, meets Light and tries to help him to do his work but she is captured by L. Light makes a plan involving renouncing ownership of both Death Notes, and all of his memories of them, and turns himself in to L for surveillance. After losing his memories, Light and L start to investigate a criminal group named "Yotsuba" together who had Misa's Death Note. When arresting them, Light recovers all his memories while touching the Death Note, remembers his plan, and forces the former owner of Misa's Death Note, the shinigami Rem, to kill L.

    After L's death, Light is granted the position of the "new L". Light is challenged by L's successor, Near, in a battle of minds. Near automatically suspects Light to be Kira and plans different ways of attack. In the meantime, Kira has gained much of public support, and has contacts to help him continue killing criminals. Mello abducts one of these contacts, and Kira kills his own contact. Mello dies in the aftermath, Near is then able to use his SPK members to find Kira's other contact, and create a fake, duplicate Death Note. This is used to trick Kira into "killing" Near and the SPK with a fake death note. Obviously, Near and the SPK remain alive and use Kira's own signed Death Note as evidence to arrest him. In the end, Light is caught by the SPK and killed by Ryuk.


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